Welfare & Other Benefits


         TGI considers quality of life of our employees as priorities. We consistently support our employees in terms of their daily lives, health cares, and family matters. We wish our employees the happiness and hence they can contribute to their work efficiently and effectively. Followings are our list of welfare.

Annual bonus

TGI provides annual bonus to qualified, responsible and honest employees at a rate of 3.5 times the basic salary at the end of each year.

Health care programs

TGI has a policy to alleviate the living cost of employees by providing 3 programs.

  • On-site health care. TGI provides a medical facility with professional doctors and nurses to provide basic medical treatments for employees as needed.
  • Reimbursements for medical expenses. TGI supports medical expenses for employees and their families at 22,000 THB / person / year.
  • Annual health check. TGI provides both regular and risk-evaluation health checks

Provident fund

 TGI has provided member employees a provident fund for the stability and security of both themselves and their families. The provident fund members contribute 5 percent of their basic salaries each month along with the contribution of 7.5 percent from the company..

Group life and accident insurance

In case a qualified employee dies of illnesses or accident or loss of organs due to accident, TGI will compensate for these losses at 15 times of his/her salary or the maximum of 300,000 THB.

Uniform and safety shoes

TGI provides two uniforms and safety shoes for all qualified employees on an annual basis.

Sporting activities

TGI also promotes the good health of employees. We encourage employees to exercise by providing sporting facilities and financial supports as appropriate.

Long-service Award

In order to reward and to thank employees who work with the company for more than 10 years, TGI provides long-service bonus with the certificate to qualified employees.

Financial assistance for the funeral

TGI supports the funeral allowance and the wreath equivalent to 20,000 THB for the deceased employee. If deceased as a result of the work, the employee will receive additional 200,000 THB. His or her father and mother will also receive 8,000 THB. In case of lawful spouse and child, they will also receive additional 7,000 THB.

Consistent working reward

TGI also rewards employees who come to work regularly throughout the year according to company's regulations.

Scholarships to children of employees

Each year, TGI contributes 500,000 THB to qualified children of employees through a scholarship program.

Daily transportation

TGI provides daily shuttle buses at specific times and locations for employees.

Sightseeing and resorts

TGI contributes travel expenses for employees who requests for an annual sightseeing. In addition, TGI provides resorts that allow employess to reserve and stay as requested.

New Year's party

TGI arranges a New Year's party to promote harmonization among employees.