To be the leading and most preferred glass packaging Operational Excellence Low cost producer in the region
Develop/ Strengthen people competency.


"The green BIG THREE Growing together" 

Corporate Values 

(1) B – Beyond Satisfaction Hence, we emphasize on the creation of quality and excellence in every aspect of our organization so as to provide utmost satisfaction to our customer groups, includeing consumers, partners,employees, and shareholders.  

J- Joint Success , We therefore,have a great intention to step forward together in order to mutually achieve our goals as well as to create value and pride both in the organization and among individuals.

(3) C-Caring for Community , 
We have emphatically operated our business on the basis of ethics and moral principles. Also, we have always recognized the responsibility for resources and environment and constantly enhanced the living condition both in and out of the organization for the sake of mutal benefits.

Corporate Culture  

(1) Dynamic Passionate/Persistent/Proactive/Progressive/Energetic 

Creative Visionary/Insightful/Positive/Out of the box thinking/Flexible 

Friendly Cheerful/Sincere/Compassionate/Helpful/Polite